Thursday, August 11, 2016

Unbroken Design Knee Sleeves ~ Fit, Fun and Freaking Awesome!


Hey guys! It's been a long time since I have reviewed some of my favorite gear. So, while I am on recovery, I thought I would put up one for my favorite knee sleeves from Unbroken Designs. Unlike my previous pair from Rehband, I went down a size in these for a compression fit. My Rehbands provided zero compression at the recommended size and quickly became baggy with use. They were also pink and showed sweat lines, dirty, and grim really easily, even after washing. So they had to go. When I saw these bad boys from Unbroken Design, I knew I had to get them! With my background in the Army and my love for all things military/patriotic related, these needed to be in my inventory. I also loved that when you ordered, they came in a pair. Perfect! So I placed my order through their Etsy shop and they came pretty fast. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

CrossFit Athlete Gets Her Tummy Tuck! Week 5 & 6

Hello again from the flat side! It's been 2 weeks since an update and while recovery is starting to slow down, amazing things have happened. This journey is testing physically, mentally, and spiritually to say the least. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions. From the "What have I done!?" to "Dang I look hot! Or at least I will once this fluid pushes out." and everything in between. I've been irritated from lack of being able to do anything and have at times contemplated the demise of this binder and it's uncomfortableness. But I have to keep telling myself, this is just the here and now. It will get better and I will be "normal" again.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

CrossFit Athlete Gets Her Tummy Tuck! Week 4

Day 22

Got my period today! Yippee! While it's quite annoying to be swollen and bloated from this, it is a good thing as it marks my up coming 1 month of progress. I got my period a week prior to my surgery so things are just coming full circle!Other than that, I am feeling more normal every day. I finally started sleeping on my sides. Sleeping on my back is a necessary evil that I have endured, but I have not been comfortable going to my sides till now.

Day 23

Normally, when I'm not on time out from working out, I live at my gym. Not only to workout, but to coach. Generally, this is just an hour in the evenings, or any time the owner and head coach needs to take off for something. Today was my first day back for an entire afternoon by myself. This was 3 hours of walking and coaching. I actually didn't feel that bad and just pushed the water through out the evening since we do not have AC and it's really hot. I will say, I slept like a baby that evening!

Day 24

Since I have been back to work, I have been part time (typical schedule). But my co-worker who works full time is going on vacation so today marks my first day of full time schedule since the surgery. I was exhausted when I got home! It was a lot more up and working than normal, but it was good. Nothing I couldn't handle, and it also means more income to pay for the pre made meals I have had from FitLife Foods during my whole recovery. SCORE!

Day 25

Normally, on Saturdays, I go into the gym for a partner workout, but since I can't work out, I went in and coached the class. It felt great, and I demonstrated a little more than I have been. Nothing hurt, and I kept the walking up throughout the class. No big swelling either! It was really a good day.

Day 26

Being that I have been so stir crazy to start some kind of fitness routine again, I opted to test out the strength and endurance building program on my Compex machine. I've had it for almost a year and just use it for recovery with the intention of always trying the strength programs. Now seems to be as good a time as any to see if it works since I can localize the muscular work without incorporating my abs. I can also ensure that my blood pressure and pulse are not increasing and thus inducing more swelling. I'll review more on that next week!

Other than that, it's a lazy day working on and watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN. I'm still feeling good. Showers are getting easier too. I still use the plastic chair to sit and shave my legs instead of bending over. Just in case. I actually took one in the morning today to see how it differs from the evening since usually as soon as my binder is off, the swelling starts to grow. It makes my tummy feel heavy and tight again.

Day 27

Had my 4 week check up and alas, I am still on "timeout". No working out, no bending, reaching, twisting, or anything over 10 pounds for at least another 2 weeks. That will make me 6 weeks post op and the original "back to getting back to normal workouts" date. So I hope, in 2 weeks at my next appointment, I will be cleared. Everything else is going great. The swelling is going down day by day. I also started using the silicone cream with 30 SPF from Biocorneum and was told it was the best on the market. Being that it has the SPF added into, I would think it would be as it will protect from the sun once I get out of this binder. I'm also using it on my drain sites to see if that takes the redness away faster. We will see! Oh! I am starting to get an itching feeling in my belly button, but funny thing is, it's completely numb! Not really sure what I am feeling. It is the oddest feeling.

Day 28

SEX! We did it! I got the all clear for easy, no frills sex at my appointment yesterday so we dove straight in last night. But, I was terrified! Being that I am still not allowed to lay flat, I propped my back up and kept my knees flexed. After that, it was just little movements and worked out pretty well. Until the end. I was scared to just, umm, let go? You have no idea how much you actually use your abs for the finale until they have been reset and bound. Needless to say, I was a bit sore that evening and first part of today, but nothing unbearable. Other than that, not much else going on after yesterday so since things are starting to slow down in recovery, these posts will go to every 2 weeks now. I'll post again at 6 weeks post op, and then at 8 weeks post op, then probably monthly from there. Till next time!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

CrossFit Athlete Gets Her Tummy Tuck! What I would have done differently....

As I approach 3 weeks post op, there are a few things I am reflecting on that I wish I would have done differently these past few weeks. I wanted to share them with you guys so that maybe you can have a heads up for your own recovery.